Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The style in my city is pretty awesome! You can wear anything you want and not be ridiculed. You could be anything you want and not be laughed at. You can achieve all your dreams and be happy. You see various colours and everything is a total eye candy. If I have Japan, you could have the universe. Just by remembering this makes me more thankful for my life. Here are the top 5 things that make me happy recently:

1. Being part of Big Blog Exchange. It's a great honour to be picked as one of the two wild card winners (it was based on content and motivation, regardless of votes). BIG LOVE and GRATITUDE to everyone!

2. Being able to travel and go to the places I just once dreamed of. Here's my recent one in Universal Studios Japan (Osaka)! Since I live in Kanto area now, I've been truly missing the Kansai warmth. It was good to be back for a bit last summer break!

3. The idea of "kawaii jeepney". It might sound crazy but it's cute! Someone please make this happen!

4. Autumn is coming soon! I love Autumn! The leaves change to the amazing colours of auburn, burnt orange, scarlet. The weather is simply amazing!

5. AND OF COURSE! Kawaii In Manila 2 : The First Philippine かわいい Convention. I still have that kawaii fever from my recent trip to Manila! Thank you so much team for having me. I'll forever be grateful that I'm your kawaii ambassadress! You all did an awesome job!

Photos by Annika


So thankful Chai pulled me over for our mini "shoot" in front of Kawaii In Manila 2's jeepney! You don't see a lot of kawaii jeep (short term for jeepney, the way we called it in Manila) but thanks to Kawaii.PH team, they got it for you! I love this fusion of Philippines and Japan! Too awesome for words! 

HM top, EMODA skirt, TOKYO BOPPER shoes

A commuter's lifestyle in Manila could be pretty hard. With pollution, aggressive PUV drivers and packed train cars but how could anyone say no to a kawaii jeepney? For those who haven't been to the Philippines, jeepney (the vehicle on the background) is one of the main public transportation in the country. I love that it's cheap and convenient as it takes you to places that you could have walked instead. Living in Japan for 1/5 of my life, it trained me to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. I'm usually forced to walk more than that though. Whenever my friends from the Philippines visit, they got so tired easily from all the walking! But no jeepneys will save you here. Trains would probably the BEST transportation invention. It is also my favourite! Even though Philippines might be far from having the kind of convenience we get from trains and bullet trains, maybe we could push kawaii jeepneys idea instead? If there's a little less air pollution, I would take it in a heartbeat! I saw some cute taxis along the metro in the world wide web. Someone make kawaii jeepneys happen please!

Photos by Chai

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Presenting THE Rainbowholic x Lucy Pop collaboration top! Kaila handed me this at the KAWAII IN MANILA 2 after "party" in Café Mary Grace Greenbelt. Teehee! I am so excited to wear it so the moment I had a chance to go out and shoot, I instantly thought of "how to wear my first kawaii seifuku?"   

Of course if it isn't obvious enough, I'm going to wear it with gingham skirt. Bless the gingham! Awesome! 

Next, with my go-to lipstick Countessa Fluorescent c/o Lime Crime! Fuschia and red, why not?

JUST LOOK AT THAT LOGO!! So proud of Kaila (Rainbowholic) for her first Lucy Pop collaboration! I'M SURE there will be a lot more things in store for her in the future!

PS. Sorry too many wrinkles on my skirt. I don't have an iron at my apartment! UH-OH I'm a too honest.. Hahaha!

Sprinkling this look with my AA bow, Tokyo Boppers and an infectious smile!

I'm so in love with these details. Congrats Kaila, my human lucky charm! Too many good things happened since I met this girl. Hihi

At 12 years old I dreamt of studying in Japan and wear seifuku to school but even though it didn't happen, my little sisters got to go to a Japanese elementary and Junior high school a few years back. I feel like it was already a dream come true that time, I never knew that it could also magically happen to me too. This time, I'm wearing a kawaii seifuku (thanks to Lucy Pop and Rainbowholic)! Nothing will beat this experience! Full of joy, positive energy and loads of high-powered shine, that's a real kawaii girl! I am happy to be one!  

Photos by Kiko

Sunday, September 14, 2014

BLESS THE GINGHAM, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Elle Poupee tote, Whimsicute bow

This Totoro tote is my go-to bag of the moment. I just can't leave my Totoro at home. I'm a big fan of Ghibli Films most especially Totoro so the instant I saw this at Elle Poupee booth at Kawaii In Manila 2, I just have to get it! It perfected my outfit of the day as well!

I'm taking the gingham trend everywhere I go. I was just wearing a pink gingham skirt (by Emoda) at Kawaii In Manila 2 and here I am again donning a black one from! It is so pretty and very doll-like, don't you think? To match the whole look, I wore Whimsicute bow! 

LOVE - is my motivation for everything that I do whether I teach, I blog, I write, I take photos, I make friendships, organize a fashion show, unite people together, just basically anything I do. I just have to say that popularity will never give me that kind of drive. I guess I'm getting old or I'm plain too old for fame. My friend Misato of funktique told me one time, "you're going to be like (insert a name of a famous Malaysian blogger here) of the Philippines" and I was like, "uhm, no." It's not a bad thing to be popular, it could be a some sort of evidence that you've been successful in life sometimes but I guess it was just never really my priority. And being in Manila for KIM2 just proved that. Witnessing fashion shows by very creative people of Dolly KayeDorotee Sweetlips, La Princesse Tea Doll and Forestale (just to mention a few) made me think about what I wanted to do in the future. I want to create something. I want to study (preferably at Bunka) and achieve something in Japan like Mikio Sakabe and Jenny Fax. Well obviously, I'm thinking too much. But it isn't bad to dream a little too much.

Photos by Rexcy  

Friday, September 12, 2014


I was luckily invited to the Maybelline Big Eyes launch in Tokyo and got to sit front row as well! It was schedule to be an hour of talk (about how this new product could make your eyes look bigger thus BIG EYES) and cupcake party (by Magnolia Bakery). It was launched at nicofarre in Roppongi. 

これはメイベリン ニューヨークの新しい商品です。日本未発売アイテムがずらり!

マグノリアベーカリーから BIGEYES cupcake! とってもおいしいかったです!


This is their model for the launch, she was really pretty. It was very pleasing to the eyes see her on the big screen! I'll definitely try the zigzag tip I've learned from applying Maybelline VOLUM'EXPRESS.  

This mascara has two brushes: a bigger brush for your upper lashes and smaller one for your lower lashes. It's really effective since we have thin lower lashes, right?

 The party was packed by amazing Japanese press and bloggers. I'm so happy! 


メイベリン&エッシーPRの山内, 本当にありがとうございました!