Thursday, December 18, 2014


The last time they had a Kyary Pamyu Pamuseum / Costume exhibit was in March 2013. Just got lucky! I'm having a hard time picking photos to post but you can find everything on my flickr. The title of the exhibit is "Sweet Costumes In The Candy Forest!" and it will be running until the 12th of January 2015. If you're in Tokyo, this is your chance!

We were given plastic candy sticks upon entering! 

It was kind of dark on the first part of the exhibit like walking inside a dark forest (aka Candy forest) with magical things.

See? Even Kyary's mannequin was scared!

My companion for this event, Kaila-chan! We went straight to Roppongi for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's exhibit right after our meet-up with Laura and Allie and Ai's Secret Lolita Party

"Let there be kawaii!" Ta-daa!

Can I swim in these pastel, rainbowholic balloons?

Ceiling was oh-so good!

This little kid adoring Kyary's costumes!

Peek in thru this box and you'll see Kyary's secret costumes! Too bad I didn't take photos of it but I'm sure you'll find it somewhere in the internet!

To die for boots! I want to have this so bad!

Venue Roppongi Hills Umu (1F TV Asahi)
Address 6-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Transport Roppongi station (Hibiya line), exit 1C; (Oedo line), exit 3.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


You have to know that dreaming is not enough. Sorry to start this article with a harsh truth but that's how I learned it. Here are my 6 tips on how to chase your kawaii dreams:

1. Analyze your dreams well. When I was younger I wanted to be a model so bad because I've been influenced by local magazines that models are oh-so wonderful beings. I was dreaming and trying my best, joining each and every contest I knew, attending go-sees here and there. But now that I'm older, I've realized that I was chasing the wrong dream. I wasn't meant to be a model because first I don't have the body type. Second, I don't have the face that media is looking for. And finally, I was in the wrong country. If I was in Japan when I was a little bit younger then I could have been once because models in Japan are different from the other model-types in the world.  

2. Set your goals. In university, I studied International Studies Major in European Studies to be an ambassadress. That's my "most realistic" dream! If you only knew how hard it is to be one, you might laugh at me for saying it is realistic. I was a dreamer and I still am a dreamer. I once said, I want to be a mermaid and it wasn't a joke.

The photo above highlights Hirari Ikeda, a shop staff of a store in Harajuku called Dog (where Lady Gaga shops every time she's in Tokyo) and one of the most famous Harajuku icons at present. Where else in the world could that happen, a sales associate and style icon in one category? Only in Japan! 

3. Have a deadline. My goal was to graduate university on time (3 years because my uni's tri-semestral) and move out of the country to pursue bigger dreams. And I did. I'm still nowhere near to being an ambassadress but something beautiful happened.

Above's Tim of back while taking street style photos along Meiji Dori.

4. Live your life. When I moved to Japan with my family, I redirected my goals to being part of it. "Grow where you are planted." I studied the language, worked as a visual merchandiser and tried giving back by becoming a teacher. At the same time, I was maintaining a kawaii blog. So far from being an ambassadress! Even if you feel like you're struggling to reach your goals, never neglect the things that are most valuable: family, friends and your health.

One day.. I was working hard for the blog? Maybe? The universe called Kaila to fly me to Manila to be a kawaii ambassadress from Japan. And it was one of the most surreal, amazing, magical moment in my life. Imagine, a kawaii ambassadress just because I am myself!

5. Emerge yourself to the community you want to be in. 2013 was the year that I moved to (close to) Tokyo. It was a giant leap of faith as I was planning to stay in Manila and set-up my shoe business but it was also the most integral part of my kawaii dreams. If I didn't move here, things could have been really different. I'm glad I made this decision! Knowing how Harajuku works (by helping each other) inspired me to share and help other people towards their dreams. I'm not here to be an idol, a style icon or anything towards fame. I'm here because I have a purpose to be my better self, to share my talents (teaching, photography, writing) and be beyond me.

The lady in yellow is Misato, co-owner of Funktique (a vintage brand in Harajuku) and the mother of Harajuku. She's one of the many people I admire here just how she juggles being a real mom, business owner, supporter of her friends and of Harajuku. Just wow!

6. You will get there. I was nervous all the time, everything is just new to me. Most of the time I feel like I'm underdressed but in my heart, I can say, I belong here. Reading my tips and stories might make you feel like everything just happened to me by chance. I wanted different things for my goals but I got different rewards. I must say, it wouldn't happen if I didn't work hard for it. I might started with a different goal but I subconsciously (or consciously) work my way here. It's my own decision to move here and even if it gets harder by the day to stay here, I am still trying my best to chase my kawaii dreams.

"I was made ready."
-Astro Boy

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I know it's been ages since I've hosted a giveaway and since it's December, I just thought "why not?" So here goes a sweater giveaway collaboration with oasap because I am bothered by the cold! Hope you like sweaters as much as I do! 

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I must admit, I went back to Sanrio Puroland just for their Hello Kitty doughnuts. #KawaiiConfession I just got lucky because Sanrio sponsored a Thanks Party wherein you can go to their theme parks for FREE! The catch is it's only for a day and it's a FRIDAY. Fortunately my planned dinner with a friend got postponed thus I've decided to drop by at Tama-Center to visit Puroland once again! My first trip was posted here. If I can go over and over again just to buy their doughnuts, I would. Can you blame me? These are too cute for my life! 


Date: 5 Dec 2014

■Sanrio Puroland
Opening hours: 10AM – 9PM
HP: http://

■Harmony Land
Opening hours: 10AM – 9PM (entrance doors close at 8PM)

Sanrio Official Website

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Love, joy and happiness – wishing you a happy holiday season from Chloé fragrances.

Since Chloé is really one of my trusted favourite brands, I decide to share this awesome holiday video from them. I actually have this body lotion that when I use people tell me, ah that's scent is so you. I definitely suit the brand, don't you think? My current favourite is their skincare collection called Creme de la Rose which was previously sold only in Japan for about 6 months prior to the world. Amazing, right? It was also created to meet the Japanese skin-type requirements. I must tell you Japanese people have a pretty high standard when it comes to beauty. They usually give about 1-2 hours of their day for skin care and make-up (which includes tons of sunscreen underneath). Chloé Creme de la Rose features centifolia rose as it's key ingredient. I am a big fan of how it smelled - whimsical, girly and perfect for women with dreamy kind of style like me! It's also long-lasting, you don't have to reapply! And of course, pretty affordable. 

Have you seen the video? If yes, what do you think about it? Does it make you long for the holidays or for someone to be with for the holidays? It kind of strike me, wishing to be with my family and love of my life soon. I don't like wasting time and moments not spent with people I love are wasted time. This Christmas, my only wish is for my love ones to stay healthy and happy. What else could I wish for? Everything was given to me. I could only give thanks! Especially to everyone who has been supporting me. Now tell me, how could I thank you for all the cyber love you've given me?