Thursday, February 21, 2013


Today my little sister went home with these cakes from work.
Top photo: I only took photo of the three because she started eating the others. Those are macha, orange/chocolate and chocolate mousse flavoured sweets. 
Bottom: The aftermath looks good! All the others above plus cream cheese/ lemon mini cake. 

I live by this yogurt. I ate it every day until it was all finished. 

Mermaid in my bento box! What a perfect combination!!  I've been eating out a lot since December and it made me realize how much I spend on food. Nothing's wrong with splurging in food but you have to know your limits. Eating at restaurants for lunch and dinner isn't very healthy as well. So I bought these boxes to place my favourite beans, yogurt, green leaves and tomatoes. Let's all save money and be fit!

It's been a long time since I updated using instagram photos or shared a food post. Starting from now I've decided to take three or more photos of the day to share with all of you. What part of my life do you want to see next?