Friday, April 11, 2014


Be who you are. It's okay. I think it's the best feeling in the world. When you are free, no one influences your thoughts nor your feelings. This is Ashley and this is how I want to be. 

These photos are taken from Okinawa by the way. Their beach has a lot of resemblance to the beaches I usually go to in the Philippines. White sand, shallow water and beautiful scenery. Except, I'm still bias to Boracay and Carbin Reef (Bacolod) for some unexplainable reasons. 

Okinawa is a boasting city though. I must admit. They have a very good monorail system and buses that goes around. Though I really suggest getting a car to drive around the city. Next time! 

Photos by Rexcy and Carey


Sherry Chan said...

love the color combo! the beach is so picturesque. :)

KASSIDY said...

I love Okinawa! Well, I am Okinawan, so of course I love it hahaha. I really adore your outfit- it's perfect for the beaches ♥