Thursday, April 10, 2014


"I wish I wore heels.."
"I wish I was an Olsen.."
"I wish I dress like a Harajuku kid.."

Well, I wish I don't have many wishes. I really believe that the city you live in influences your style. For example, when I was still living in Manila, I wore very laid back pieces. Slippers, jeans, tank tops and lots of dresses like the one I'm wearing above! We call it "Marimar" look. Except when Gossip Girl became a really famous soap, I started dressing up in coloured tights, closed shoes and jumpers. Not to forget, headbands. 

Then when I was in Kobe, I want to adopt their classic style donning only pieces that will last in my closet. My style inspiration were Nicole Warne and Audrey Hepburn. I've been loving it for so long but now that I'm in Harajuku almost every weekend and during weeknights whenever there's an event, I feel out of place again. Under dressed, too. I have to inspired by my friend, Annika again. Remember this wonderful mermaid shoot? I kinda miss it. 

Sometimes, you have to lose yourself to find yourself coming back to you again. Maybe?

Photos by Rexcy 


Sherry Chan said...

but you look super cute in the dress :)