Sunday, April 13, 2014


There are too many things that are making me feel really sad lately but I'm trying to take it positively by smiling, being busy and hanging out with my friends.

First, Justin went to Japan to visit me for 11 days (I'll update you about that soon and the many places that we visited) but he already left. I felt like I lost a part of me. It's been 13 days and I'm still coping. Trying my very best to smile and have fun! Second, I went home to my family's house for a bit but now I'm living alone again.. Double separation anxiety. I'm really close to my sisters so I'm kind of lost without them. And lastly (since I don't want to stress you out about me being lonely), I have to work on May 1st (my birthday) for the first time in my life. Usually, I have time off but this year it's different. I'll probably spend it alone as well and it's making me feel anxious. People in Japan usually sleep it off. Birthdays are just birthdays anyway, I know. 

dress and belt from Carey | sandals from Rexcy

Thanks to my friends for giving me and lending me items for this shoot. I only brought my backpack for our trip to Okinawa thus the lack of clothing and stuff! So you probably read my short story about feeling blue (above) and now I'm going to tell you how to get over it. Probably first, I sleep. It's my way to relax and get over something. Second is taking a hot bath with milk scrub while listening to music or chatting with Coleen and China via LINE. Third would be face time with Justin. And finally, going out. Actually, I just got back from my trip to Osaka, Kobe, Befu, Kyoto and Okinawa. It must be the most tiring vacation I've ever had but it made me feel really good and ready for the world.


Mahdiatari said...

You look gorgeous on that dress! Ashley please make a skin care and make up routine post. Also plus a tutorial if you don't mind.

Laila said...

You look very pretty in that blue dress. I feel very sad today because I am sick, but it is very nice that you found a plan to get over your sadness.

Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

Sherry Chan said...

awww I understand that being alone sucks but you can always share with us here. :)